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loose cannon cop who doesn't play by the rules

July 29th 2014


nothing pisses me off more than the fact that 90% of women’s jeans have non-functioning pockets but baby clothes have proper pockets? what are babies carrying around that i’m not? baby wallets? fuck off

July 28th 2014


i say “fight me” a lot for a girl who is 5”3’ and has a hard time opening some doors because they’re too heavy

July 28th 2014


don’t get it twisted like i respect bugs for being the best they can be in spite of their specific assigned flesh prisons and their ecological significance but they need to stay the fuck away from me 

July 28th 2014


In case you’re sad here are some buns.

July 28th 2014


It may seem like I’m a sarcastic asshole 24/7, but I’m actually only a sarcastic asshole 18/7 because at night I actually have feelings.

July 27th 2014
If you forget your past, you die.
Carlos Fuentes (via theparisreview)
July 27th 2014
July 27th 2014


Places of Solitude, 2013 | by Laura Tidwell
July 25th 2014
( Something Corporate - Konstantine )
July 25th 2014


when you accidentally bump into the president


July 24th 2014
July 24th 2014
July 22nd 2014
( Fall Out Boy - I've Got a Dark Alley and a Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth )

please put the doctor on the phone,
because I’m not making any sense.

blame everyone but me for this mess.

and my back has been breaking from this heavy heart,
we never seemed so far.

I’m hopelessly hopeful,
that you’re just hopeless enough,
but we never had it at all.

July 22nd 2014
July 22nd 2014

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness signs to Vanguard Records »


July 21, 2014 - Andrew McMahon has been through a lot in his 32 years on earth: like all of us, he has lived joy, pain, accident, and illness; unlike most he’s also dealt with the vagaries of the music business, the strains of tour; he has battled cancer and witnessed…