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July 22nd 2014
( Fall Out Boy - I've Got a Dark Alley and a Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth )

please put the doctor on the phone,
because I’m not making any sense.

blame everyone but me for this mess.

and my back has been breaking from this heavy heart,
we never seemed so far.

I’m hopelessly hopeful,
that you’re just hopeless enough,
but we never had it at all.

July 22nd 2014
July 22nd 2014

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness signs to Vanguard Records »


July 21, 2014 - Andrew McMahon has been through a lot in his 32 years on earth: like all of us, he has lived joy, pain, accident, and illness; unlike most he’s also dealt with the vagaries of the music business, the strains of tour; he has battled cancer and witnessed…

July 22nd 2014




An Oregon Couple Rushed Through Their Wedding Because Of A Wildfire

and then managed to take the most beautiful photos

I thought these were movie promo stills.

July 22nd 2014


dont let tumblr make you believe that

-eating car hubcaps is cool

-being an inanimate object is acceptable

-post-avant jazzcore is better than progressive dreamfunk

-having a corporeal form is healthy

-france exists

-chemtrails aren’t real

July 22nd 2014
July 22nd 2014


For real though why do boys complain about kissing girls who have red lipstick on? It just gets on your lips so now you’re wearing it too?? It’s a free makeover and now you’re lookin fab why complain??? So ungrateful?????

July 22nd 2014


oh my god someone take photoshop away from me 

July 22nd 2014


date a tall boy with black hair. date a boy who will hate the world with you. date a boy who drinks tea and will sit with you by the fire. date a boy with honour. date a boy who needs to capture the avatar to restore his honour. date prince zuko.

July 22nd 2014
July 22nd 2014
July 22nd 2014

you dont wanna mess with me i cry easily

July 22nd 2014



Imagine a world where dogs do not exist………


July 22nd 2014


when u try to tell ur friends a pun


July 22nd 2014